Thursday, March 17, 2011

Made In Roswell, Georgia!

At Casabella, we like to support our local artists. We carry works by jewelry artisans, potters, and photographers who live and work in our area. Vicki Hunt is a local photographer who we are proud to support. 

Vicki, a well known photographer in the Atlanta area, creates gift tags for us to offer to our customers to attach to their gifts. Pictured below are several examples of her tags. As you can see, she includes images in various categories for any gift you can think of!

On her website,, Vicki writes, "Capturing the Rural South is my primary focus." She adds, "My latest ongoing project, Country Roads, explores lanes in the deep South through vine and moss-covered trees."

Her work is included in the permanent art collection at The Shepherd Center, as well as Dobbins Air Force Base and several metro Atlanta government buildings. 

Our customers love Vicki's tags and we know you will too! The next time you are shopping in Casabella, remember to purchase a gift tag for that special gift. Vicki thanks you and so do we!