Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great New Product!

Several months ago we began carrying a new product called NuMe. It's a natural soap made in Woodstock, a small town near our store. Their website,, explains the origins of this amazing company.  

Also on the website, the soap-making process is explained. They use "pure plant and vegetable-based oils, which have been carefully chosen to create soap with excellent lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing abilities." Natural essential oils "from flowers and plants produce their amazing fragrances" and shea butter with its "moisturizing and skin healing abilities" are infused into each bar. To help the skin "attract and retain its own natural moisture", "a cold process soap-making method is used that retains the natural glycerins."

Because of its overwhelming popularity, we have reordered several times. Could it be because we place the display on the counters where the scents seduce our customers, or because they look so gorgeous? Then again, it could be because they are priced just right...$7.95 a bar.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accessorizing Your Table Settings

In her book, Accessorize Your Home, Caroline Clifton-Mogg writes, "A well-set table is the ultimate detail. It says far more than an arrangement of china and glass; it is an invitation to enjoy yourself, to relax and have fun. That is why, no matter what the occasion, every table should be set with care."  She goes on to say, "...the idea of a well-laid table is to make your guests feel welcome. This you do by making an effort to decorate the table in an attractive way, choosing interesting china and glass and adding flowers, candles and other ornamental pleasures."

In the image below, our merchandisers have designed the table with a brown color scheme. They used an inexpensive piece of burlap for the center of the table with wicker vases and bottles to compliment the design. Notice that the dinner plates are stacked on wicker chargers and the chargers are placed quilted mats. 

The copper candle holder placed on the dinner napkin could be used as a place card or a gift for each guest. 

A luncheon plate is placed on a flat bird's nest to give a spring-like design. Again a charger is placed on a placemat. 

A "touch of fall" was integrated into the bottom design. Our merchandisers used a green and white combination using pottery pitchers as vases holding evergreen sprigs.  

Use your imagination and creativity. Pull out those plates that you no longer use and mix them into new settings. Add flowers, candles, fruit or even architectural pieces into your design and have fun!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Accessorizing With Frames

Hanging art on the wall, whether it's photography or paintings, requires a lot of thought and planning. It seems that more and more decorators are incorporating all sorts of art for hanging. The picture below even includes clocks and mirrors with the art. I have scanned pictures from several Pottery Barn catalogs to show several ways to design your arrangement. The example below is usually referred to as "salon" style, which began in the 1800's in Paris.  Mary McDonald, a decorator in Los Angeles, created a similar grouping on a client's wall and called it a collage. So, I guess it doesn't matter what it's called, as long as it planned and harmonious.

The picture below shows how pictures placed on adjoining walls gives the room a warm and inviting feeling. The arrangement echos the placement of the furniture and the color scheme. 

The next example shows pictures that are grouped on the wall above and below eye level. The frames are similar in width, but not every frame has a mat. 

The last example consists entirely of black and white photography. Again the frames are similar in width as well as the spacing between the pictures. This grouping took lots of planning involving a tape measure and most likely a sketch or two! 

It's important to remember to do a lot of planning before attempting this project. Consider the amount of space for the grouping, the furniture in the room, the color scheme, and the types of art. Trust your eye and hang what you like. Go ahead, try it!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bramble Shipment Arrives!

We love Bramble and so do our Casabella shoppers, so you can imagine our excitement when the new container arrived! Not only is Bramble very affordable, but they have made a "commitment to the environment by planting trees and monitoring their survival rate." Since 2005, they have planted over 300,000 trees. 

I have included images of a few of our popular pieces. Below is the Roosevelt Buffet Sideboard. As you can tell, it has plenty of storage. 

The Octavia Dining Chair is painted grey. We have it paired with a black table and it looks great! 

The Fairlane Armchair has a contemporary wicker look. 

The green Tucker Six Legged Round Side Table would be a welcome addition to any room. 
The Shutter Plasma TV Stand would give your family room a comfy, cottage feel. 

You could store lots of things in the Veranda Triple Storage Tower...crafts, towels, get the idea.
And finally, this white Aries Dresser would be just the thing for any bedroom. 

We have many, many more pieces in the store...from tables to trays to dressers. They all have that "weathered Bramble" look that is admired by many. 
Come in soon and make your selection.


Vases provide a strong impact when used in various areas around your home. I have a large collection of McCoy vases that I have been acquiring for many years. In this post, I'll include several images of different ways that I have used them in my home. 

Space, balance, and color should be taken into account when displaying vases of different heights and styles. Below, I have pictured some of the McCoy vases from my collection. The mirror and the lamp provide a dramatic backdrop to showcase my vases. Using the stand helps to enhance the vignette by giving needed height.

A part of my collection is placed in a small bookcase located in a corner where I needed some color. Pictured below, I have included pictures and plates to add interest in that area. 
In another area I have displayed my cream McCoy that is paired with a brown ironstone plate. I prefer to keep my vignettes harmonious with their surroundings. The light wooden bookcase provides a wonderful backdrop for this cream colored vignette. 
Collections don't have to be complicated. Below, I have placed three vases of similar color on a shelf. This is an option I use when I don't want to hang a picture. This three dimensional option is appealing to the eye and and does a wonderful job "showing off" my collection. Notice how the curved lines in the vases and the plate are compatible with the curved lines on the shelf? 
I hope I have given you several ways to use vases in your decorating. We have many vases in the store that you could incorporate into your scheme. We would love to assist you and help you create your own vignette. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Accessories provide the finishing touches in our homes. By including mirrors, pictures, vases, plates, and flowers, you enhance your living areas, and at the same time bring your personality into your space. 

Many of us collect things...figurines, photography, pottery, plates, and vintage items that we love and we want to display, but not sure how to do it to get the best "bang for your buck." At Casabella, our designers visit homes throughout Atlanta to offer ideas and ways to include your accessories in a way to make your home more comfortable and inviting. 

Pictured below are examples using a collection of ironstone, some english and some american. We started with one platter and added three vases with willow balls for interest.

Then we added one more plate and a bowl.

Soon, more and more plates were added to the collection.

Plates can be displayed in any room in your home. One plate can be as appealing as two or three, depending on your taste. LIke the plate below, you can make a statement...

or just have fun...

with souvenirs of your travels.

Just remember, it's your space, your home. Show your personality and have fun. 
Go ahead, do it!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Did You Know?

If you've been in our store during the last few years, then you know we carry OKAb shoes. What is not known to everyone is that OKAb's are made in America, actually in a town not far from our store. These shoes have consistently been a top seller and each spring we can't wait to see what new colors and styles will be offered. 

The shoes are both stylish and comfortable. They have great arch support and soothing massage beads that make your feet feel great! 

OKAb's are extremely durable and even machine washable! 

At Casabella we have lots of styles that we are sure you will love. So come in and try on a pair or two. You'll be glad you did.