Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great New Product!

Several months ago we began carrying a new product called NuMe. It's a natural soap made in Woodstock, a small town near our store. Their website,, explains the origins of this amazing company.  

Also on the website, the soap-making process is explained. They use "pure plant and vegetable-based oils, which have been carefully chosen to create soap with excellent lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing abilities." Natural essential oils "from flowers and plants produce their amazing fragrances" and shea butter with its "moisturizing and skin healing abilities" are infused into each bar. To help the skin "attract and retain its own natural moisture", "a cold process soap-making method is used that retains the natural glycerins."

Because of its overwhelming popularity, we have reordered several times. Could it be because we place the display on the counters where the scents seduce our customers, or because they look so gorgeous? Then again, it could be because they are priced just right...$7.95 a bar.  

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