Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accessorizing Your Table Settings

In her book, Accessorize Your Home, Caroline Clifton-Mogg writes, "A well-set table is the ultimate detail. It says far more than an arrangement of china and glass; it is an invitation to enjoy yourself, to relax and have fun. That is why, no matter what the occasion, every table should be set with care."  She goes on to say, "...the idea of a well-laid table is to make your guests feel welcome. This you do by making an effort to decorate the table in an attractive way, choosing interesting china and glass and adding flowers, candles and other ornamental pleasures."

In the image below, our merchandisers have designed the table with a brown color scheme. They used an inexpensive piece of burlap for the center of the table with wicker vases and bottles to compliment the design. Notice that the dinner plates are stacked on wicker chargers and the chargers are placed quilted mats. 

The copper candle holder placed on the dinner napkin could be used as a place card or a gift for each guest. 

A luncheon plate is placed on a flat bird's nest to give a spring-like design. Again a charger is placed on a placemat. 

A "touch of fall" was integrated into the bottom design. Our merchandisers used a green and white combination using pottery pitchers as vases holding evergreen sprigs.  

Use your imagination and creativity. Pull out those plates that you no longer use and mix them into new settings. Add flowers, candles, fruit or even architectural pieces into your design and have fun!

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