Saturday, July 30, 2011

Accessorizing With Frames

Hanging art on the wall, whether it's photography or paintings, requires a lot of thought and planning. It seems that more and more decorators are incorporating all sorts of art for hanging. The picture below even includes clocks and mirrors with the art. I have scanned pictures from several Pottery Barn catalogs to show several ways to design your arrangement. The example below is usually referred to as "salon" style, which began in the 1800's in Paris.  Mary McDonald, a decorator in Los Angeles, created a similar grouping on a client's wall and called it a collage. So, I guess it doesn't matter what it's called, as long as it planned and harmonious.

The picture below shows how pictures placed on adjoining walls gives the room a warm and inviting feeling. The arrangement echos the placement of the furniture and the color scheme. 

The next example shows pictures that are grouped on the wall above and below eye level. The frames are similar in width, but not every frame has a mat. 

The last example consists entirely of black and white photography. Again the frames are similar in width as well as the spacing between the pictures. This grouping took lots of planning involving a tape measure and most likely a sketch or two! 

It's important to remember to do a lot of planning before attempting this project. Consider the amount of space for the grouping, the furniture in the room, the color scheme, and the types of art. Trust your eye and hang what you like. Go ahead, try it!

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