Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome !

I'm so excited to start this blog. I hope to share with you a multitude of ideas that you can use in your own home. If you've been to our store you've seen the various vignettes showcasing our furniture, dinnerware, table linens, artwork and many other decorative items too many to mention here.

But before I share how and why we design certain vignettes, I thought you might want to see how we actually start with the bones. (That's Ann talk for the first step in creating a vignette.) For example, we had several natural bookcases located throughout the store. I thought they needed a new look so I decided to pull out the paint brush...or I mean, roller. The first part of the process involved removing objects from the shelves and moving them into the warehouse. After getting them in place, I had to remove the shelves to paint them first.  That was the easy part.

Sanding and priming came next. I like to use oil based paint for display pieces in the store. Although it has a terrible odor, it seems to "hold up" with all of the wear and tear it gets around here.

If you're going to paint, you need to dress for it! Obviously I didn't go into the store looking like this!

Then it came time to pull out the roller. I chose this beautiful shade of gray, called Amazon Stone by Behr, that blends with our existing colors.

Finally, done!
I think they look great as a display for our new line of bags by Two Loops.

See you soon!

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