Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Day

From time to time, we like to move things around in the store. This time it was the baby section. This section has been located towards the front of the store for over a year and the time has come to make a change. But, before we actually moved the merchandise, just in other areas of the store, the current merchandise had to be dismantled and moved out. The picture below shows Julie moving the card cases out of the area. 

Then she took her life in her hands by removing the pictures from the wall. Look out!

As soon as the area was cleared, I repainted the walls and put another protective coating on the floor to protect the faux painting. 

Pictured below you'll see the baby merchandise stacked up and ready for the merchandisers to "do their magic."

                                              Voila! Done!

Here is a close up of the baby girls' side. Lots and lots of pink!

And here is the baby boys' side. Lots of blue!

The merchandisers here are just amazing. The are extremely creative and do a great job making our store look great!

And on and on it goes. Next section, the kitchen area.

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